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October 3rd 2017

Professor WSR in B-to-B Marketing

Applications are invited for one or more positions as Professor with Special Responsibilities (WSR) in B-to-B Marketing at the Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management, University of Southern Denmark with base in Kolding. The positions are vacant from April 2018 or soon after and have a time limit of five years with the possibility of extension.

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September 20th 2017

The 24th Nordic Workshop in Vaasa Finland on Interorganizational Research

The purpose of the workshop is to stimulate discussion among Ph.D. students and scholars within the area of interorganizational research. The workshop provides an excellent opportunity for the participants to present and discuss their research papers in a constructive and supportive environment. The workshop welcomes contributions from Ph.D. students, post doc researchers and faculty members. Empirical and conceptual research
papers or work-in-progress papers related to interorganizational research are welcome.

The workshop generally covers all aspects of interorganizational issues. Relevant themes could be:
• New perspectives on interorganizational research
• Interorganizational relationships from a time-, process-, and dynamic perspective.
• Innovation and digitalization in interorganizational relationships
• Managing and strategizing in interorganizational relationships
• Policy making in an interorganizational perspective
• Interorganizational relationships from the perspectives of internationalization and regionalization
• Interorganizational relations in a public-private context
• Methodological issues of interorganizational research

February 2nd 2018: Deadline for submission of abstracts of max 300 words (submit to
February 15th 2018: Notification of abstract acceptance
March 3rd 2018: Deadline for registration
April 6th 2018: Deadline for submission of full paper

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June 5th 2017

and the
invites to:
The IMP JOURNAL Seminar October 2017
Dear Colleagues,
we invite you once more to Poznań! This time to participate in the IMP Journal Seminar which will be held at the Poznań University of Economics and Business from 12th to 13th October, 2017. We strongly hope that this event will draw your attention and we will have an opportunity to meet again in our city.
The aim of the IMP Journal Seminar in Poznan is to discuss papers that present researches and conceptual issues on business networks and interaction in two directions – one more specific and one more general:
1. Networks in a transnational context (e.g. formation and development of international business network, interaction across borders, distribution of benefits across borders).
2. General papers on interaction, relationships and interdependencies.
The outcome of the Seminar will be a Special Issue of the IMP Journal. Conceptual
and empirical papers that are submitted to the IMP Journal contribute, by investigating interaction and interdependencies, to the development of research on marketing, purchasing, technological development and innovation, policy, strategy, operations, logistics, information systems, human resources, etc. (for more information please visit ).
The ambition with the IMP Journal seminar is twofold: to share and discuss ideas among authors and to enhance the quality of the reviewer process and thus of the final papers.

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May 3rd 2017

IMP Journal Special Issue:
SMEs and the Industrial Network Approach: Theoretical and Empirical Issues
Deadline for submission: June 11, 2017.

Please, follow the link below for details:
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April 6th 2017

Postdoc positions at Chalmers University of Technology
There are currently six postdoc positions at the Department of Technology Management, Chalmers University of Technbology, Gothenburg, Sweden. The research group connected to the Industrial Network Approach is part of the Division of Supply and Operations Management. The application deadline is 30 April, 2017. For more information:
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