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Business Market Management: Understanding, Creating, and Delivering Value

Basic information

Authors: James Anderson, James Narus
Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-13-045187-8

Available also in paperback international edition under ISBN: 0-13-123009-3


Significant developments in the second edition of Business Market Management:

Detailed discussion of customer value management as a progressive, practical approach to deliver superior value to targeted market segments and customer firms and get an equitable return on the value delivered. Customer value management relies on building customer value models to gain an understanding of customer requirements and preferences, and what it is worth in monetary terms to fulfill them. Leading suppliers leverage the knowledge they gain from customer value models to create value-based sales tools that enable them to persuasively demonstrate and document the superior value their market offerings deliver.

Extended consideration of brands in business markets, supported throughout with best-practice company examples. New sections focus on brands as resources, building brands and brand equity in business markets, positioning in business markets and crafting persuasive value propositions, branding market offerings, and global branding.


?If you want to understand and manage business markets, there is no better source than Anderson and Narus. Their first-hand experience and insight has created the ?gold standard? book. The new edition adds fascinating material on customer value management and the role of branding in business markets.?
-- Philip Kotler